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The kitchen things chopsticks best half retired"

2016-01-16 12:11:44 Dongying Xinghui Precision Metal Co.,Ltd Read

To focus on the two health details that are easily overlooked in the kitchen.

Chopsticks can be said to be the most important Chinese tableware, many people in the use of chopsticks are more than a year or more. The expert reminds, chopsticks also have life, ordinary chopsticks, use more than half have "retired", otherwise detrimental to the body, the more likely to hidden troubles of enteritis, hepatitis and other diseases.

Soy sauce for children with low sodium, and rich in iron and zinc and other trace elements, but experts advise, because anyone who can not eat a lot of soy sauce, so this content can be ignored. In other words, is not worth the cost to buy a big price.

In a random survey of ten families, the reporter found that most of the family's chopsticks life more than 3 years, the use of more than 6 years of a household chopsticks. We think that there is no "shelf life" of chopsticks, as long as it does not crack, not long mold can be used.

Third people's Hospital of Yunnan Province, Han Zhiwen, director of food and beverage department, this small negligence may also lead to disease, should pay more attention to.

A pair of chopsticks with a few years

"Is not only a disposable chopsticks and common household chopsticks storing time long, may also breed mold, if the long-term use of mildew of chopsticks, may will trigger some diseases of the digestive system. Serious mildew of the chopsticks will breed a terrible substance - aflatoxin, which is now found in one of the most powerful chemical carcinogens, often intake may increase the risk of liver cancer." Han Zhiwen said.

Zhi Wen Han, CCTV a program had on the residents of the home use chopsticks in 3 months, 4 months and 6 months were detected and found that in addition to a pair of using chopsticks 4 months detect can cause diarrhea Salmonella outside, the rest of the chopsticks were not detected in the pathogen fall.

It turned out that the length of the use of chopsticks depends on the cleaning of chopsticks and the health of the surrounding environment. If chopsticks are not cleaned thoroughly and are placed in areas where they are not clean or may be contaminated with food, the probability of being contaminated with harmful bacteria is high.

In the survey, many people will wash chopsticks under the faucet, then to the chopstick cage in a plug bin, think this is very clean. But this approach, the chopsticks can not thoroughly washed remaining food debris, grease, pathogenic microorganisms or a pair of chopsticks with cleaning together when the occurrence of cross infection; in addition, with water and food residue chopsticks placed directly into a chopstick cage, humid environment and food residue is pathogenic micro-organisms to breed the best hotbed.

Best to cook once a week

Zhi Wen Han, cleaning chopsticks should be both carefully cleaned; in order to avoid the dripping chopsticks chopsticks into the cage, to prepare a special clean chopsticks cloth, but also each time after washing put the chopsticks fanning out on the rack, dried, and the chopstick head toward put chopsticks cage, and chopsticks cage should be in an upright position. This can enable pathogenic Escherichia coli bacterium, Helicobacter pylori, pathogenic microorganisms in the dry environment dehydrate and die, but also can avoid the chopstick head contamination chopsticks cage at the bottom of the bacteria. Also chopstick cage is best kept in ventilated and dry place, to prevent contamination with mold; home chopsticks also do the best to someone special, to prevent cross infection. In addition, chopsticks and a chopstick cage and scrubbing cloth weekly placed in boiling water, cooking 30 minutes at a time, or with household sterilizing cabinet of wood and metal chopsticks for high-temperature sterilization, to kill all the bacteria, viruses and other pathogenic microorganisms.

"Even if is carefully cleaned and disinfected regularly, it is difficult to prevent long-term use of chopsticks on the breeding of bacteria, wooden chopsticks and bamboo chopsticks, should pay attention to the use of the term." Han Zhiwen said.

Han Zhiwen, suggested that half a change of chopsticks, otherwise it will lead to shelter evil people and countenance evil practices of chopsticks. With the naked eye, you may not see a pair of wooden chopsticks used for six months, 1 years and 3 years of difference. But if put them under 500 times the close-up, will see the chopsticks used for half a year, exfoliation, some places have split, small gap obvious, and in the cracks of the Yellow residue; 1 year of use of chopsticks, wood surface has discoloration and ravines, depression have many oil; used 3 years of chopsticks, is completely different, do not see the wooden surface like a long small mushrooms. The longer the use time, the more the total number of colonies were detected. In addition to metal chopsticks, wood, bamboo and other chopsticks will form a small groove on the surface, easy to residual bacteria and cleaning agents, so it is recommended to change once a year.

Avoid using color lacquer chopsticks

The wooden chopsticks, bamboo chopsticks, chopsticks, stainless steel chopsticks paint...... In the supermarket, there are many types of chopsticks only, prices, but consumers still favor chopsticks.

"Bamboo chopsticks are cheap and easy to use, we have selected bamboo chopsticks." In the survey, many people prefer chopsticks, that its high cost. One of the supermarket staff also said that the bamboo chopsticks ready, and those few people buy alloy chopsticks.

The chopsticks of kinds of materials of different, generally there are several metal chopsticks, bamboo chopsticks, plastic chopsticks, ivory chopsticks, jade chopsticks, Zhi Wen Han. Metal chopsticks with silver, stainless steel and other materials. The content of chromium stainless steel in general in more than 13%, the nickel content is at about 10%, not rust is formed on the surface layer of the fine solid stable chromium rich oxide film (protective film), to prevent the continued infiltration of oxygen atoms to continue to oxidation. However, if prolonged exposure to acid, alkali, salt, the surface of the oxide film will be destroyed. So use stainless steel chopsticks, including the use of stainless steel tableware, try to avoid long time exposure to acid, alkali, salt solution, otherwise chromium and nickel and other heavy metals will enters the body, health hazards.